By Daniel Schweimler
BBC News, Buenos Aires

An eight-year-old dog has touched the hearts of Argentines by saving the life of an abandoned baby, placing him safely alongside her own new puppies.

The country's media are calling him "the miracle baby".

He was born prematurely to a 14-year-old girl in a shanty town outside the capital, Buenos Aires.

She is said to have panicked and abandoned the boy in a field, surrounded by wooden boxes and rubbish.

Then along came La China, the dog which somehow picked up the baby and carried him 50m to place him alongside her own puppies.

The dog's owner heard the child crying and found him covered with a rag being safely guarded by the mama dog as one of her own pups.

The baby, weighing 4kg (8lb 13oz), had some slight injuries, but no bite marks. The owner called the police and the child is now being looked after by the authorities, while a decision is taken about his future.

The frightened mother appeared shortly after her baby was found.

The Argentine media has descended on the shanty town, talking of "the Argentine Romulus and Remus", the founders of Rome, abandoned as babies and rescued by a wolf, nearly 3,000 years ago.


The presidential nominees are all but chosen, but what have you heard so far from any candidate that addresses the welfare and treatment of animals? I haven’t heard a thing, nor have I found anything on the Web sites of either presumptive nominee.

That’s why I am asking you to join me by signing a petition to both Sens. McCain and Obama asking them to tell us where they stand on an issue that is important to me—and I believe to you as well—the fact that the Food and Drug Administration does not mandate the use of proven alternatives to animal testing by companies applying for approval for their products.

Please click here to sign the petition, and forward to as many friends and family as you can.

Best regards,


Neal Barnard, M.D.
PCRM President


     "The Beastie Biscuits were such a treat to unwrap! The cardboard box they were shipped in, the containers you packed them in, the wonderful shapes of the cookies themselves - it was all too wonderful! It felt like Christmas! And the card was so sweet. I loved that photo of Sophie with the squirrel! Even the sticker and I totally dig the magnets!!! Talk about a box full of bonus gifts!!! So much more than I expected. You are so special. Thank you. And Casey and Max thank you as well."


Hi Mr. McAdam,
I wanted to write a quick letter to let you know how disappointing it is to see your new Dare commercial portraying Pitt Bulls in such a stereotypical light.

Advocates of these dogs are working very hard to prove that it is not the Breed, but the Deed that is "vicious".

I implore you to please reevaluate the decision to continue showing this hideous commercial. Please take a look at this article and you will see just how gentle these once fierce fighting beasts are in the right care:

Thank you for taking the time to look into your heart to see that the bottom line is that this commercial will not sell your phones. The bottom line is that we all need to step up and show that we care about animals, we care about each other and we need to start doing the right thing, the kind thing.

I'll leave you with this quote from Albert Einstein
"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction."

Best Regards,
Pippi Howard



Watch the ad:

This is the new commercial from Verizon to promote the new LG Dare
phone. As Pit Bull advocates we cannot express how disappointed we are
in Verizon for portraying the American Pit Bull Terrier in such a
negative, stereotypical, and inappropriate light. Pit Bulls were never
meant to be aggressive towards people, yet this spot depicts just that.

Please contact Verizon and let them know that we are counting on them to do the right thing. Not only should they pull the commercial - but they should replace it with an ad that focuses on the Vick dogs that are now doing therapy work.

As always, please be polite and courteous. Our dogs are counting on us to be their voice.

Here is a list of folks at Verizon you can contact.

This link will bring you to the page of the higher-ups @ Verizon

Please repost.

"Vivisection Hurts!"
submitted by chardunkCasey is an Animal Rights Activist - he attends demonstrations to speak up for his brothers and sisters. This photo was taken before a protest against vivisectors who torture live animals to test pesticides and other products.
Animal Attraction . com, VOTE!

Could they be any sweeter??


Take Action Against Puppy Mills

Fight against those who put profits ahead of compassion. Help us bring an end to puppy mills.

 Dear Pippi, Today, "The Oprah Winfrey Show" aired an exposé on puppy mills that no doubt horrified everyone who watched.

Undercover footage showed dogs in filthy, overcrowded conditions, where they are confined for their entire lives, without human companionship or adequate veterinary care. These dogs are often killed once their reproductive capacity wanes.

The HSUS has been investigating and fighting against puppy mills for decades. With your help, we can advance our fight to stop puppy mills and the tragic consequences of pet overpopulation. Join us by signing the
Stop Puppy Mills pledge.

Here’s what else you can do right now:

If you are thinking of bringing a new dog into the family, or know someone who is, request a free copy of our puppy buyer's guide for information on how to find reputable breeders, shelters, and rescue groups. Ask your federal legislators to crack down on puppy mills. Get the word out about puppy mills: write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Visit to educate yourself. Download one of our Stop Puppy Mills campaign badges or banners to your own MySpace or Facebook page, blog, or website. Did you adopt your canine companion from a rescue group or shelter? Then order our Proud to Adopt care package. Download Puppy Mill Cruelty flyers and post them or give them out at your neighborhood dog park, to engage fellow dog owners and help spread the word. Help us place advertisements and billboards to spread the word about puppy mill cruelty. The puppy mill industry will thrive as long as consumers are kept in the dark about the “mass production” of purebred and designer dogs. With your help, we'll shed light on the cruelty of puppy mills and put them out of business for good. We can't do it without your help!

Thank you for your commitment to stopping puppy mills and for all that you do for animals.


Wayne Pacelle
President & CEO
The Humane Society of the United States


National Zoo Awareness Day 2008

National Zoo Awareness Day is held twice a year - Easter Bank Holiday and again during August, among the busiest days for zoos.

This bi-annual event raises awareness of the animal rights and conservation issues surrounding zoos. The whole concept of zoos is increasingly under question as our knowledge of animal behaviour, natural history and threats facing wildlife increases. Zoos have historically been about tourism, and providing a 'day out' rather than anything to do with education, conservation and research (the 3 'pillars' of the zoo industry).

Many people are now aware of the real lives of wild animal societies, through natural history programmes on TV, books and the internet. An increasing number of TV programmes focussing on wildlife has revealed the wonderful natural history of our own gardens, parks, woods etc, showing that wildlife in our own areas can be as exciting as that of other continents.

The increasing awareness of animal behaviour also reveals the impoverished lives of animals confined to zoos, and the physical and behavioural problems captivity creates. Zoos also play an insignificant role in conservation, with the protection of natural habitats being the only serious way forward to prevent further losses of species.

National Zoo Awareness Day aims to spread this awareness and encourage people to withdraw support for captive animal entertainment facilities.

Across the country there will be peaceful protests outside zoos, information stalls in town centres, and people will be writing letters to local and national newspapers to spread this awareness.

For more information on our opposition to zoos click here and to read opposition to aquariums click here
Don't visit zoos and aquariums - your money keeps them in business.Become a CAPS supporter - you can help to make a difference.

This bi-annual event is organised by CAPS and helps to raise the awareness of the animal rights and conservation issues surrounding zoos.

We would encourage as many groups as possible to hold peaceful protests outside zoos, to set up information stalls in city/town centres, send letters to newspapers etc.

The event is held on Easter Monday, what is traditionally seen as the start of the ‘season' for zoos. This day is one of the biggest days in any zoo's calendar. By participating in this years Awareness Day you can help educate the general public about the suffering caused to animals in zoos and help bring the day closer when ALL animals will be left where they belong - in the wild.

Please get in touch with CAPS to see if there is a protest organised at your local zoo. If there is not any planned CAPS can help you organise one. If you are unable to attend a protest, why not write letters to your local or national newspapers or you could even help spread the word in other ways.

CAPS produces leaflets, fact sheets, posters and a DVD to support our ‘Sad Eyes and Empty Lives’ campaign, which we will send to groups free of charge who plan to hold a demonstration or information stall. (Please allow enough time to process leaflet requests)

Please contact CAPS on 0845 330 3911 or via email if your need more information or help on National Zoo Awareness Day.


Forget about Labradoodles, Puggles and Schnoodles. Costly crossbreed felines are the latest designer hybrid to hit the catwalk
from Jessica Dickler, staff writer

NEW YORK - Goodbye Goldendoodle. Designer dogs are so last season. Now animal lovers are clamoring for cat crossbreeds - and they are sparing no expense on the latest "it" pet.

Hybrid house pets were originally developed to create well-behaved companions that don't shed. But with unmatched cuteness and likeability, crossbreeds like Puggles, Labradoodles, Yorkipoos, and Schnoodles drove demand among the dog-loving set.

Now mixed-breed cats, with their beauty and stature, are causing a craze for those with a fondness for felines.

And for some, no price is too high for a designer kitten.

"For our customers, money is no object," said breeder Simon Brodie.

Brodie used a "secret recipe" to mix an African serval and Asian leopard cat with a domestic cat, to create the world's most expensive feline hybrid.

The Ashera, an exclusive product of Brodie's firm, Lifestyle Pets, resembles a little leopard and can weigh up to 30 pounds. But it's more suited for lounging than stalking prey.

"They are very friendly, very affectionate," Brodie said.

Although an Ashera costs $22,000 (plus $6,000 for the premium placement option, which will expedite kitten delivery by about six months) Lifestyle Pets has already sold several cats to customers around the world since the pricey pet was unveiled last May.

Once an order is placed, the Ashera is hand delivered (the cost of delivery is approximately $1,500 within the United States) by a representative who remains on hand for a few days to answer questions and facilitate the transition. Asheras come fully vaccinated with a microchip identifier, a supply of kitty food and cat toys, access to an animal behaviorist, and a year of veterinary insurance included.

There's even a certificate of authenticity that includes an image of each kitten's DNA "fingerprint." But what else would one expect for a cat that costs as much as a car?

Brodie says that his company will keep the supply small, developing less than 50 cats each year to uphold its unique appeal - and high price.

Although the Ashera may be the most expensive mixed-breed offering to hit the market recently, it's certainly not the only one.

Other popular hybrids include the Bengal (part Asian leopard mixed with a house cat), Savannah (part African serval, part house cat) and Chausie (part jungle cat, part house cat).

Holly Hummel, who has been breeding hybrids for 20 years, says demand for exotic blends is growing, and the pricier the pet, the more sought after it seems.

"The more expensive ones move faster than the less expensive ones," Hummel said.

Even though her top-of-the-line Habari-breed cats range in price from $10,000 to $12,000, "most of our kittens are spoken for by about two weeks of age," she said.

But does coughing up that kind of dough guarantee a perfect pet?

With any designer hybrid, "there are things to watch out for, as far as genetic defaults go," cautioned a spokeswoman from the International Cat Association.

But, generally, emerging exotic breeds are well monitored, she said. "We're very careful that there is no genetic downside."

That means pet owners can rest assured that their investment in a designer cat will not disappoint - that is until the next hot mix hits the horizon.

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